plesk Addon

Plesk Addon

plesk Addon

    • MagicSpam Plesk Professional 2.1-12.2 license key 1 year

      $60.00 USD
    • Juggernaut Security and Firewall

      $60.00 USD
    • Admin-Ahead Realtime File Upload Scanner

      $25.00 USD
    • RKHunter Interface (Plesk)

      $35.00 USD

            hidden files

            wrong permissions set on binaries

            outdated software

            suspicious strings in the kernel

            Install and run rkhunter within your Plesk Admin Panel

            Customize rkhunter scans

            Manage and view rkhunter scan reports


    • Admin-Ahead DNSSEC

      $35.00 USD
        Generate a zone signing key.

        Generate a key signing key.

        Sign the zone and generate signed zone records.

        Generate the declaration of signing (DS) record.
    • Admin-Ahead (D)DoS deflate

      $35.00 USD

        (D)DoS Deflate is a light weight shell script that aides in mitigating DDoS attacks automatically.

        The script runs in the background and blocks IP addresses from which connections exceed the configured threshold.

        The (D)DoS Deflate Interface (Plesk) extension  provides an easy way to install and a GUI to configure this tool.

    • Linux Malware Detect Manager (Plesk)

      $120.00 USD

        Seek out threats in your hosting environment from your Plesk interface with our Admin-Ahead Linux Malware Detect Manager extension. You can now effortlessly scan your Plesk VPS or hosting server to extract malware that is actively being used in attacks, and keep your environment clean. Linux Malware Detect (LMD) malware scanner for Linux environments uses threat data from network edge intrusion detection systems to extract malware that is actively being used in attacks and generates signatures for detection


        extensionUpload = true

        - Restart service psa on linux or manage plesk on windows

    • Admin-Ahead ServerWatch Extension

      $15.00 USD

          The Admin-Ahead ServerWatch extension is an integrated solution that allows administrators to monitor SSH and Plesk admin login history, as well as IP based connection history for SSH, Plesk and Mailbox access.

        It also allows administrators to set email alerts for server load, root access and mail queue.

        Hourly as well as daily domain and mailbox based incoming and outgoing mail stats can also be viewed which will be valuable aids in diagnosing performance and spamming issues.

    • SSL Manager for Mail (Plesk) not work on obdisian

      $20.00 USD

        Admin-Ahead SSL Manager for Mail Services allows you to easily manage SSL certificates for your mail services in Plesk Panel. Manage multiple SSL certificates for multiple domains with a few mouse clicks, no more head-scratching configuration files.

    • Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection 1.17-1

      $65.00 USD
    • Plesk Premium Email, powered by Kolab

      $150.00 USD

        Plesk Premium Email, powered by Kolab, is a secure and advanced groupware solution featuring e-mail, calendars, contacts, file management, tasks and notes. Plesk Premium Email is the ideal groupware solution for all users who want or need a high level of privacy and control because all data is stored and all components are running on your personal Plesk server. The responsive browser-based interface comes with all you need on desktop computers and mobile devices. All features can be synchronized with native apps on both iOS and Android devices as well as clients using Macs and Windows PCs.


        Our license package

        10.000  Users

    • SEO Toolkit Agency

      $150.00 USD

        Keywords per server  50000

        Crawl frequency      daily

        Site audit URLs    250000

        Log file analyzer


        Unlimited Servers


    • Plesk Addon Premium Pack

      $850.00 USD

        Plesk Premium Pack  all our plesk addon on the best price

    • Plesk Email Security

      $150.00 USD

        Email Security at your fingertips!

        Cyber threats? Spam? A thing of the past! Managing spam and viruses is one of the most used features when hosting email. Invest in the Plesk Email Security offering to protect your business from the expanding cyber threat landscape, and mitigate damages inflicted upon your business. The new Plesk Email Security extension gives spam and viruses no chance!

        • Anti-virus scanning of emails

        • Anti-virus quarantine management

        • Daily updates of the anti-virus database

        • Automatic learning of spam and ham messages via actions in the email client (mark as spam/not spam)

        • Daily updates of the anti-spam database

        • Detailed statistics overview of the email traffic (ham, spam, viruses)

        • DNS blacklist management

    • Limit FTP

      $100.00 USD

        Deny/Limit FTP access

        This extension for Plesk gives you the possibility to deny or limit FTP access on a domain to a specific IP. It’s particularly useful when users do not plan to do any changes on their website. The extension also allows server administrators to limit the bandwidth of the FTP service.

        • When enabled, the extension adds a domain-specific restriction config file to the proftp.d directory

        • When disabled, this config file is deleted

        • Server admin can see all domains with disabled or limited FTP access

        • Server admin can limit the transfer rate for the FTP service on the server

        • To deny FTP access on a domain or to limit FTP access to a specific IP address, go to a subscription and click the "Restricted FTP access" button

        • To limit the bandwidth of the FPT service on the whole server, open the extension screen in the Extension Catalog.