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webuzzo bypass

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        This is a hosting control I have tested over and found quite OK. Everything with just one click. 

        After installation is complete you will find that is using the free version so can not other things like csf , nginx, vanish, .... to do this must be null to become a pretium can install more of these software. 

         /root/webuzo.php  or   php /root/webuzo.php

        - After running the command above, you will see the key code, please copy to a certain txt file and then go through step 4.

        4. delete license.php file of 

        rm -rf /usr/local/webuzo/enduser/license.php 

        create new license.php file 

        nano /usr/local/webuzo/enduser/license.php 

        Copy key at file license.php. 

        iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP 

        iptables -A OUTPUT -s -j DROP 

        service iptables save 

        service iptables restart 

        6. Now you log in go back to Webuzo control and see if it's premium